Programs in place to benefit your pharmacy!
Generic Buying program.
BDC Rewards
Short Date and Promotional Buying Opportunities.
Share RX
Compliancy and Persistency Program
Beyond RX PBM
Transparent and Brandable
Third Party Station
Contracting and Reconciliation Service
Specialty First
Pharmacy Contracting and Marketing Program
Call 800-338-8703 ext 325 and speak to Dave Fisher
Private Label
National Brand Equivalent OTC Generics
Home Health Care
Over 5,000 items in stock with marketing support.
OTC Product Placement Support
OTC Strategic Pricing
Allows for Extra Margin!
Employee Training
Nine custom Topics Available for on Site Training.
Store Layout & Design
Designed for Optimal Customer Traffic Flow
Store Fixtures
Available at a Deep Discount with No Overloading
Effective Merchandising
Gain Impulse, Companion and Planned Sales
Product Selection
Industry leader On the Number on Retail Categories
Candy and Food
Access to Candy and Food in Most Areas.
Get Started! Credit Application Fax 802-893-5110